University: Selling your Company with Sublimation

Jul 10 2017
1:00 pm-2:00 pm
Marche 2

University: Selling your Company with Sublimation

This session will be recorded.

Selling these personalized, promotional items is not just about a sales pitch, it’s a lifestyle beacon.

  1. It’s important for customers coming into your shop to see your team members wearing shirts you imprinted, to see the items you sell in settings that show their value and usefulness.
  2. Have all of your team members act as walking billboards, selling photo gifts. Do this in the store by: wearing name tags, lanyards, cuff bracelets and pendants; and using the mouse pads, coasters, mugs/water and bottles in-house.
  3. Decorate your offices, showroom and even your restrooms and halls with spectacular imaged photo panels; make it hard for people to leave.

Always be selling, just let these cool products do all your talking.