IPIC Live Learning – Wednesday

IPIC Live Learning – Wednesday

Keynote: Marketing Without Money + Selling Made Super Simple with Jeff Slutsky, “The Street Fighter”

Are you challenged with finding cost-effective marketing? Jeff Slutsky has dedicated his career to developing tactics and systems for you to advertise, market and increase your top line sales on the local level without spending a lot of money. His programs are designed to work seamlessly within your existing operation and without taking a lot of your time. Jeff provides critical skills, strategies, and tactics necessary for attracting new clients within your local community and expanding services to existing clients, while dramatically cutting client acquisition costs to improve sustainable profitability. Learn valuable ideas that can be implemented immediately for getting more customers and increasing foot traffic, average check or transaction, and customer frequency. Easily incorporate these concepts into your overall business plan:

  • A bold new approach to build your business using successful localized marketing
  • Identifying the ideal customer basefor your brand
  • How to discover & develop your unique nichefor your brand
  • How to establish credibilitythat makes customers take notice
  • How to dominate your marketplace without spending a fortune

Closing Workshop: Street Fighter Marketing: Out-Thinking, Not Out-Spending Your Competition with Jeff Slutsky, “The Street Fighter”

Jeff will also be putting the icing on your proverbial IPIC 2017 cake. He will return to the stage to discuss staying ahead of the competition through the design and implementation of a “Streetfighter” marketing plan, successfully overcoming challenges of implementing the marketing plan, identifying potential customers, and skill sets for closing sales. Focus on creating an actual marketing plan (a 90-day “plan-of-attack” using very little money) based on the tactics and strategies provided and geared specifically for your business.


Other Segments:

  • Moving from Retail to E-Commerce after 35 Years with IPI founding member, John Albright
  • Momentum Rock Stars – Forward-moving members with successes and ideas to share
  • The Print Refinery Results, Learning + The Future – What have we learned? What can you implement? What are your top takeaways? What’s next?
  • IPI Programs – What’s new? How are we helping you gain momentum? What’s next?